Competence development & Recruitment

Developing organization’s competence and continuous learning is a core requirement for a functioning business.

Develop your organization’s competence and ensure the growth of your business with the help of a strategies, trainings and coaching’s built together with Kasve. With us, you will succeed in developing your skills effortlessly!




Our competence development services include, for example, HR and Talent management consulting, development of people & culture work, know-how mapping and strategy work, as well as recruitment lifecycle services.

Our competence development services:


  • Competence mapping and strategy
  • Facilitated workshops and trainings
  • Well-being of the work community
  • Job guidance and coaching
  • Outsourced recruitment
  • Management training
  • HR, people & culture working development


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Know-how and different levels

  • Individual’s competence consists of knowledge, skills, experience, networks and contacts, attitude, and personal characteristics.
  • Organization’s competence is formed when people share, combine, and develop their competence together. In this way, expertise is transformed into a shared vision and shared action. This also includes the organization’s culture, operating methods, information systems and information management methods. The organization consists of competent individuals.
  • A learning organization can utilize everyone’s skills. The principles include e.g. clear goals for everyone, jointly agreed values, continuous performance evaluation and improvement and learning from own and others’ performance. In addition, ingenuity, and experimentation, learning from mistakes, allowing questioning and utilizing versatile learning opportunities are encouraged.

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