This is Kasve.

Kasve is a company focused on developing business in the health and tech industry with versatile competence. Our services include expert services, training services and digital services.

From an idea to the market

Just like our motto says, our clients are our heroes and we want to grow together with them. We are passionate about helping health organisations grow their competence and develop and commercialise their products with individual and societal significance. We promise to work persistently to solve the challenges our clients may have.

We provide our clients with in-depth competence in regulations and quality management together with our strong business development expertise, a combination unique in our industry. Bringing together the competence of our experts ensures that your product will be introduced to the market as soon and cost-effectively as possible.

Our services are scalable and suitable to commercialisation projects by research groups and major market leaders in the industry alike – and everything in between. Whatever the case, we always put the person whose work we wish to support and make easier at the core of our services.

A modern set of services

The health industry is currently subject to a digital transformation. Kasve is committed to be at the cutting edge of the industry, helping its clients to adopt new technologies and modern ways to do things better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

We introduced our own software, QAiRA, to the market at the turn of the year 2020–2021. The service enables our clients to follow and easily manage health tech regulations and supports their quality management. In fact, we are Finland’s only expert body that has its own inhouse software development. We are closely familiar with the challenges, modern approaches and latest tools in software development.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art combination of expert and digital services, we can provide you with just the right set of services in the scope that will help you gain optimal benefits, whatever your situation.

We find solutions together with our customers.

Our Values

Trust and openness – we act to make sure we can build a confidential and long-lasting relationship with our clients and stakeholders. We communicate openly both within our team as well as with our clients.

Corporate responsibility and ethics – We pledge to do our part to make sure that our children will also have a safe and healthy future. All our business activities and decision-making is guided by honesty and having a backbone. You must always be able to look yourself in the mirror.

Peer support and wellbeing at work – At Kasve, we work in teams and support our co-workers. We make sure that our employees enjoy coming to work and aim to make work arrangements that ensure that everyone gets to utilise their personal strengths. It is more important to go ahead and act than to hesitate out of fear of making an error.

Diversity – One of the cornerstones of Kasve’s competitive advantages is the diversity of its staff in terms of competence, educational background, nationalities and personalities. At Kasve, everyone gets to be who they are.