Solutions Top Expert Kuopio & Oulu 2023

Application period has ended.

The aim of the training is to find jobseekers with an expert profile and a university or applied sciences degree and to train them in the health tech industry, which is growing and suffering from a shortage of experts.

Solutions Top Expert application process for training and the recruitment of trainees are carried out in co-operation with Northern Savonia and Northern Ostrobothnia TE Services. The training’s partner companies are mainly located in Northern Savonia and Northern Ostrobothnia area, but talents from all over Finland can participate in the implementation.

The training has already been organized 15 times: more than 83% of those who have completed the training are currently employed (most of them at their former internship)!

Kolme opiskelijaa työskentelemässä yhdessä.

Training content


Kasve’s experienced experts and trainers are handling the implementation of the Solutions Top Expert. The training includes an on-the-job training period (80 days) in a partner company, personal sparring and coaching (8 hours), a development task assignment and group training related to special expertise in the field of technology (8 days). The employer partner is responsible for introducing the company’s operating culture and on-the-job learning during the internship, and participates in the supervision of the jointly agreed development task. The content of the training is tailored to the needs of the employer’s partners and experts around the following themes, and the themes are delved into needs-based sparring related to the development task:

  1. International business expertise and sales: Market identification and access, international trade, business development and sales, marketing and communications, distributor networks, earning logics, pricing, financing opportunities and contract matters.
  2. Product development and project expertise: innovation, product development, productization, product manager responsibilities, product lifecycle, sales and marketing support, product development and production processes, software development, resourcing and project management.
  3. Quality and risk management: quality management and regulations, quality systems, risk management, business strategy, environment, occupational safety, responsibility and identification of competitive advantage.
  4. Industry competence and working life: requirements, trends and future of the health and technology industry, working life skills, competence development and expert communication.


Training schedule and implementation


Solutions Top Expert training schedule is 27.11.-21.3.2024, duration 80 working days, including training days (56 hours) and on-the-job training in the company.

If needed, Kasve implements the training section remotely or in hybrid model (Zoom) and in English. The possibility of remote implementation of on-the-job learning is explained in the job descriptions. The training contact persons are also happy to provide additional information!

Application criteria for Recruitment Training

The applicant must be unemployed, at risk of unemployment or working part-time. If necessary, contact the TE services to find out whether you fulfil the application criteria. Applicants must have a higher education degree (from university or applied sciences) or a sufficient amount of other work experience from a field such as:

  • Technology and Industry
  • Engineering and Technical Fields
  • Software Industry
  • Commercial Sector
  • Health and Well-being Sector
  • Bio and Environmental Sector
  • Other Applied Fields are also possible

Partner companies and job descriptions

Ravistamo Oy is looking for a B2B sales professional for the sales of their nutrition therapy SaaS service, MUONAhealth, and nutrition consultancy services. The applicant is required to have proficiency in both Finnish and English languages and experience in B2B sales. Experience in the fields of medicine, nutrition science, or health technology is considered advantageous. The successful candidate for this role should be an independent, eager-to-learn, self-motivated salesperson with a positive attitude. Remote work is possible, but occasional in-person meetings in Kuopio are preferred.

Ravistamo Oy is a company based in Eastern Finland that offers diverse and modern nutrition consultancy services. Their clients include private and public organizations providing rehabilitation, occupational health services, as well as social and healthcare services. Their mission is to enhance well-being in all life stages by bringing nutrition expertise, joy, and relaxation around food. They want everyone to have the opportunity to eat food that supports their well-being in good company and with enjoyment.

Softrain Blobs Oy is seeking a software developer for a client’s software project. The selected candidate will work as a subcontractor for the client, so experience in subcontracting is beneficial. You will need expertise in Microsoft’s development environment, as well as proficiency in either .NET Visual Basic or C# programming languages. Familiarity with MySQL is also required. You will be working in a team of approximately 10 people, so teamwork skills are important. In addition to Finnish, proficiency in English is necessary for the work.

SoftRain is a small and established company based in Varkaus, founded in 2007, specializing in software and hardware solutions for industry and business. The company’s staff have a long work history in multinational automation and telecommunications companies, providing them with broad experience in software and hardware design, implementation, testing, and maintenance.

Myontec Oy is looking for a mobile developer with experience in coding and integrating mobile applications with cloud services. Your responsibilities will include programming mobile applications. To succeed in this role, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, experience in project work, knowledge of integration technologies and implementation methods, the ability to work independently within set goals, and proficiency in both Finnish and English languages.

In software development roles, the focus of your work will be on mobile programming and database and cloud solutions. Knowledge of AWS and AI technologies would be beneficial for this position. Other important programming languages include C, C++, C#, and familiarity with mobile platforms like Android, iOS, or Xamarin. Knowledge, experience, or interest in the well-being or sports field is considered a plus. Our team primarily works remotely, so remote work skills are a definite advantage. Join us in creating a healthy and well world with the help of our smart textiles!

The CorFlux project at the University of Eastern Finland is seeking a software developer for medical software programming and development. Your responsibilities will include programming, practicing a quality system for medical software, and planning and executing product development. You will work alongside the Technology Director. This role requires a university degree in a relevant field, experience in project work, the ability to work independently within set goals, and proficiency in both Finnish and English languages. Background knowledge related to medical software development is a plus. You can work remotely or from the office.

CorFlux is a Research to Business project funded by Business Finland and the University of Eastern Finland. Its goal is to become a standard model for assessing the risk of aortic dissection in daily clinical decision-making, create strong technological and intellectual property readiness, and establish a venture-capital-worthy business model. The commercialization aims to establish a new domestic business, collaborate with other domestic service and technology companies, secure international research and capital financing, and create new domestic health technology jobs. Our team consists of seven professionals from the fields of medicine, mathematics, physics, and business.

The ER4Surgery project at the University of Eastern Finland is looking for a software developer for medical device software development. The role includes developing software compatible with medical device regulations and quality management, as well as related documentation work. Proficiency in English is required for this position, as the team works in English, and knowledge of the Finnish language is not mandatory. It’s advantageous if you are willing to work primarily at our location in Kuopio. A work station will be provided. Skills in programming languages such as C++ and C#, knowledge of the OpenCV software library, experience in software development using version control, and experience in processing image data are considered beneficial. Please list your programming experience in various programming languages and technologies in your application. Strong programming skills in other languages are also a plus.

The ER4Surgery project is developing a commercially viable software solution for use in surgery. The method combines real-time image streams from commonly used digital microscopes, endoscopes, and other cameras in clinical surgery to improve a surgeon’s ability to see the operated tissue and surrounding areas in a single video view. The core of the method consists of mathematical algorithms that have been developed, and a commercial software solution based on these algorithms will be developed during the project. The team is seeking a medical software developer through this internship for recruitment at the end of the internship period.

Cleamix Oy is looking for a mechanical designer with knowledge of ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 quality systems. The role involves mechanical design for Cleamix’s patented cleaning units. You will also have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with other aspects of the company’s operations if desired. A suitable educational background could be in engineering, and prior experience in mechanical design is preferred. Knowledge of manufacturing techniques and familiarity with product assembly are valuable assets. Proficiency in English is essential, while knowledge of Finnish and other languages is a plus. Success in this role requires initiative, organization, persistence, and teamwork skills. The selected individual will work at the Toivala office. After an initial period, the possibility of remote work can be discussed. The role may also involve customer visits when integrating equipment into customer processes or production facilities, both domestically and internationally. Effective communication with customers is therefore important.

Cleamix Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2016 that has developed a state-of-the-art decontamination device based on vaporized hydrogen peroxide. Cleamix’s patented technology-containing cleaning units offer an automated way to remove all types of bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts, biological and chemical contaminants from premises and production equipment. The team maintains a relaxed yet professional work atmosphere and aims to provide employees with a challenging and development-oriented work environment with interesting tasks.

Muon Solutions Oy is looking for an experienced software developer to create artificial intelligence applications utilizing machine learning. In this role, you will become part of our innovative, low-hierarchy team. The work is primarily remote and offers the opportunity to be part of the development of completely new technology.

Job Description:

– Develop and optimize artificial intelligence applications for the analysis and visualization of data produced by measurement devices.
– Participate in product development projects and innovation activities, including software applications other than artificial intelligence.
– Collaborate closely with geologists, geophysicists, engineers, data analysts, and other stakeholders.
– Produce technical documentation, such as user manuals and reports.

Requirements and Desired Skills:

– A relevant degree in computer science or data science or equivalent significant experience in the field with a proven track record.
– Technical expertise: Strong skills in developing artificial intelligence applications and machine learning algorithms. The ability to visualize data comprehensibly is considered a plus.
– Fluent English language skills are essential. Proficiency in other languages (including Finnish) is a plus.
– Minimum of 3 years of experience in developing applications that utilize machine learning and/or artificial intelligence. Experience in deep technology or traditional high technology is a plus, as is knowledge of the mining industry or environmental technology.
– Ability to analyze large datasets.

You have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and the ability to work with different stakeholders. You can work independently as well as part of a team, especially in a multicultural environment. Willingness and ability to learn new technologies and methods are important. In addition to competitive compensation, we offer extensive remote work opportunities in an international and multicultural work environment. At Muon Solutions, you have the opportunity to be part of the development and application of completely new technology.

Muon Solutions Oy is also looking for an experienced business developer with a background in technology companies. The role is critical for the company’s strategic growth and sustainability. In this position, you will become part of a multidisciplinary, low-hierarchy team and contribute to the development of environmental responsibility in the mining industry and beyond.

Job Description:

– Conduct cost-benefit analyses at various application levels using different tools such as surveys, models, and presentation software. Develop business-centric evaluation criteria for assessing services. Perform research from socio-economic perspectives, including assessing the expected socio-economic impact.
– Define indicators for socio-economic sustainability. Conduct cost-benefit analyses based on pilot project results. Perform scenario analyses for the next 5-10 years.
– Ensure broad visibility of project results among European, national, and regional stakeholders.

Requirements and Desired Skills:

– Master’s degree in business administration or equivalent.
– Technical expertise: Experience in cost-benefit analysis (CBA) methods, market analysis tools, and strategy definition.
– Fluent English language skills are essential. Proficiency in other languages (including Finnish) is a plus.
– Minimum of 5 years of experience in business development, preferably in the deep technology sector or a related field. Previous experience in the mining industry or environmental technology is a plus.
– Strong abilities to perform socio-economic sustainability analysis, SWOT/PEST analysis, and scenario planning.
– Ability to work both independently and as part of a team, especially in a multicultural environment. Ability to work with various stakeholders.
– Willingness and ability to learn new methods and technologies.

In addition to competitive compensation, we offer extensive remote work opportunities in an international and multicultural work environment. At Muon Solutions, you have the opportunity to be part of the development and application of completely new technology.

Muon Solutions Oy is a multidisciplinary deep technology company founded in 2016. Our background includes particle physics, engineering sciences, geosciences, and mine safety. We develop entirely new energy- and cost-efficient measurement devices and software, primarily for the mining and ore exploration industries. Our goal is to make these industries more responsible in terms of society and the environment. Our main product is a completely new density analysis based on safe natural background radiation for the environment and workers. Our company is highly international: our employees represent several different nationalities and cultures, and we have customers in several different countries (including Poland, Portugal, and Bosnia).

Application information 


NOTE! The application period has been extended, previously sent applications will be considered.
The application process for training has two steps, submit your application for both Kasve and TE-services. 

    1. Fill the electronic application form for TE Services here. TE Services number for the training is 716501 (Northern Savonia). Apply here Or 716508 (Northern Ostrobotnia)
    1. Send application letter and CV for Kasve: by using the electronic form at the bottom of the page. Attach the CV and your open application (in pdf format) to the electronic form. Mark your name as the title of the application files. Describe your starting situation, skills and development needs in a free-form application.


Application period & schedule for interviews:


Application period starts: 4.10.2023
Application period ends: 27.10.2023
Pre-interviews: 18.-19.10., 25.-26.10. and 30.10.-1.11.2023
Company interviews: during application period and 6.-8.11.2023
Selections: 13.11.2023
Training & on-job-learning: 27.11.2023-21.3.2024

More information 

Roosa Hiltunen
Training Specialist, Kasve Oy
+358 50 390 4210  (call times: 12.10. 9-11, 17.10. klo 13-15, 20.10. klo 9-11, 36.10. klo 8-11)

NOTE! We ask kindly for your patience in responding to applications and regarding the selections. We process a large number of applications and respond to each applicant. Thank you for your understanding.

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