Become an Employer Partner for Top Expert recruitments?

Is your organization planning to recruit for an expert position related to sales, marketing, business development, project management, product development, programming, or quality management?

The search for employer partners is now underway!

Kasve will launch in cooperation with the ELY Center and Te Services Top Expert RecruitmentTrainings continuously. Our previously successful training model aimed at recruitment will be introduced for the first time to achieve a skilled workforce for startups and SMEs.


Top Expert:

  • Date: 2023 (the schedule will be specified when the group of companies is abroad).
  • Training: 8 days / 56 h, in addition to personal sparring of the development task and company sparring
  • On-the-job training: 72 working days
  • Price for the company: 3000€ + vat. / talent

What do we offer?

RecruitmentTraining is a great way to bring new experts to your company! The aim of the training is to ensure the availability of a skilled workforce for growing companies through tailor-made needs-based training. Applicants with higher education who already have a sufficient expert profile and experience will be sought for the training together with a potential future employer.

The employer partner will be offered a recruitment process carried out by Kasve, evaluations of the suitability of the applicants by Kasve experts (pre-selection), selected and tailored training for the selected applicant, personal support for the development task and need-based company sparring.

The application phase is risk-free and effortless! Together, we will prepare a job description suitable for the company’s needs, on the basis of which the expert search will be launched. From the resulting pool of applicants, the company will be able to select the best applicants for a job interview based on Kasve’s recommendation. Kasve pre-interviews the candidates and the employer partner chooses the trainee. Commitment to take part as employer partner only takes place once the expert has been selected and the training can begin.

The content of the RecruitmentTraining

Kasve’s experienced experts and trainers are responsible for the implementation of the Top Expert RecruitmentTraining. The training consists of contact teaching, development assignment, sparring and coaching. The employer partner, in turn, is responsible for familiarizing the company’s operating culture and on-the-job learning during the internship, and participates in the guidance of the jointly agreed development task. The content of the training will be tailored to the needs of the employer partners around the following themes, and the themes will be delved into needs-based sparring related to the development task.

  1. International Business Expertise and Sales: market identification and access, international trade, business development and sales, marketing and communications, distributor networks, earnings logic, pricing, financing opportunities and contract matters.
  2. Product development and project expertise: innovation, product development, productization, product manager responsibilities, product lifecycle, sales and marketing support, product development and production processes, software development, resourcing and project management.
  3. Quality and risk management: quality management and regulations, quality systems, risk management, business strategy, identification of competitive advantage and business development.
  4. Industry competence and working life: requirements, trends and future of the health and technology industry, working life skills, competence development and expert communication.


How do we get involved as an employer partner?

Eligible employers are companies operating in the technology sector or other suitable industry, or companies with key customers in these industries and who are looking for specific expertise in product development, project expertise, international business expertise, sales or quality and risk management. The employer partner must have a genuine need for recruitment. Price for the company: 3000€ + vat. / talent.

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