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Does recruitment training work? Can you find Top Experts and jobs? Yes it does and yes we can!

We have been successfully carrying out the training since 2018. We have already trained over 50 experts and 83% of those who have completed our training are currently employed.

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How can we get involved as an employer partner?

Potential employer partners include companies in the high technology, health and wellbeing, food and environmental sectors (incl. environmental health organisations, laboratories) or other appropriate industries or companies that serve key clients in these sectors and are looking for specific competence related to quality management and regulations, product development, commercialisation and/or international business development. We are looking for employer partners with a genuine recruitment need. The local ELY centre will approve the employer partnership and the company is committed to recruitment at the end of the on-the-job learning (internship) period, providing that the intern has completed and passed the training.

We have room for 10 companies – contact us soon to make sure your company gets selected!

Who are future Top Experts?

Kasve will find a future top expert that perfectly fits your company’s competence profile. We will support the professional’s growth through tailored training and one-on-one coaching provided as part of the Top Expert Recruitment Training. The target group for the training is experts with a background in higher education (university and UAS graduates) who wish to develop their competence from a business orientation and find employment in development tasks in companies. The training is suitable for persons who have a degree in fields such as natural sciences, biosciences, business, engineering or information systems, but other fields of education may also qualify you to participate.

How to identify a budding Top Expert?

The call for applications will take into account the wishes and needs of the partner companies. The employer partners and job descriptions are published as part of the call for applications. The training provider will select the applicants that best meet the profiles determined by the companies through electronic applications and a preliminary interview carried out by Kasve. The electronic application process is carried out in collaboration with the TE services (electronic application, CV, open application). Applicants are asked to describe their current situation, competencies and development needs in the open application. At the application stage, the applicants can name a company they primarily wish to be employed by. Pre-selected candidates are presented to the companies interested in becoming employer partners. The companies make the choice on the applicants asked in for a job interview. The company will choose the most suitable intern based on the job interview and application documents. Once a suitable applicant has been found, the company and Kasve will draw up an education agreement and an internship agreement with the training participant. Participation is binding when a suitable intern has been found and accepted by the company within the application period.

Have a say on the training content

The more detailed content of the Top Expert Recruitment Training is always tailored to the needs of participating companies and industry specific needs. Similarly, the training content is constructed to support reaching the targets set for the internship and the more extensive development goals identified by the companies. A personal training package is created around the below themes for the training participants. The training makes use of the top expertise of the entire Kasve team!

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