Photonics Top Expert 2023

Training will be open for applications soon!

The aim of the training is to find jobseekers with an expert profile and a university or applied sciences degree and to train them in photonics and high-tech industry, which is growing and suffering from a shortage of experts.

Photonics Top Expert application process for training and the recruitment of trainees are carried out in co-operation with ELY Centre and TE Services. The training’s partner companies will be published later, but talents from all over Finland can participate in the implementation.

The training has already been organized 10 times: more than 83% of those who have completed the training are currently employed (most of them at their former internship)!


Training content


Kasve’s experienced experts and trainers are handling the implementation of the Photonics Top Expert. The training includes an on-the-job training period (80 days) in a partner company, personal sparring and coaching (8 hours), a development task assignment and group training related to special expertise in the field of technology (8 days). The employer partner is responsible for introducing the company’s operating culture and on-the-job learning during the internship, and participates in the supervision of the jointly agreed development task. The content of the training is tailored to the needs of the employer’s partners and experts around the following themes, and the themes are delved into needs-based sparring related to the development task:

  1. Industry competence and working life: requirements, trends and future of photonics, optics and technology industry, working life skills, competence development and expert communication.
  2. International business expertise and sales: Market identification and access, international trade, business development and sales, marketing and communications, distributor networks, earning logics, pricing, financing opportunities and contract matters.
  3. Product development and project expertise: innovation, product development, productization, product manager responsibilities, product lifecycle, sales and marketing support, product development and production processes, software development, resourcing and project management.
  4. Quality and risk management: quality management and regulations, quality systems, risk management, business strategy, environment, occupational safety, responsibility and identification of competitive advantage.


Training schedule and implementation


Photonics Top Expert training schedule is April-August 2023 (will be confirmed), duration 80 working days, including training days (56 hours) and on-the-job training in the company.

If needed, Kasve implements the training section remotely or in hybrid model (Zoom) and in English. The possibility of remote implementation of on-the-job learning is explained in the job descriptions. The training contact persons are also happy to provide additional information!

Application criteria for Recruitment Training

The applicant must be unemployed, at risk of unemployment or working part-time. If necessary, contact the TE services to find out whether you fulfil the application criteria. Applicants must have a higher education degree (from university or applied sciences) or a sufficient amount of other work experience from a field such as:

  • Photonics, optics, measurement tech sector
  • Technical or industrial sector
  • Technology sector
  • Software engineering / ICT sector
  • Business & commercial sector
  • Research and laboratory sector

Partner companies and job descriptions

Job positions will be updated here!

Application will open soon!


The application process for training has two steps (NOTE! Both applications are required):

  1. Fill the electronic application form for TE Services: (will be updated) . TE Services number for the training is (will be updated)
  1. Send application letter and CV for Kasve: by using the electronic form (will be updated) at the bottom of the page. Attach the CV and your open application (in pdf format) to the electronic form. Mark your name as the title of the application files. Describe your starting situation, skills and development needs in a free-form application.


Application period & schedule for interviews


Application period starts:
Application period ends:
Company interviews:
Training & on-job-learning:

More information 

Kirsi Marin
Training Services & Talent Manager, Kasve Oy
+358 50 321 4884

NOTE! We ask kindly for your patience in responding to applications and regarding the selections. We process a large number of applications and respond to each applicant. Thank you for your understanding.

Info event

Photonics Top Expert training’s online information event will be held in (will be updated). Training service provider Kasve will be present to provide additional information and answer questions.


  • Welcome
  • Experience video (company & talent)
  • Information about training and open jobs
  • CV examples
  • Q&A and discussion

Welcome aboard!

In addition, online TE-Live info and recording of the training will be organized on (will be updated).

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