Top Expert Training

New competence to international business, quality management, product development and commercial application!

The Top Expert Recruitment Training matches organisations looking to recruit with future top experts interested in specialist positions.

The Top Expert Recruitment Training aims to ensure the availability of competent workforce in the local region and match applicants with a sufficient expert profile facing employment challenges with their potential future employers. The Top Expert Recruitment Training is carried out in collaboration with the local TE services and ELY Centre.

Potential employer partners include companies and other organisations in:

  • Bioscience and environment
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Software
  • Food and nutrition
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Research and laboratory services

For more information about the Recruitment Training, see the TE services website for companies.

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Does recruitment training work? Can you find Top Experts and jobs? Yes it does and yes we can! 83% of those who have completed our training are currently employed.

HealthTech Top Expert Recruitment Training Kuopio

The purpose of this training is to find job applicants that suit the expert profile and to train them as top experts in companies and organisations in the health and wellness industry.

Photonics Top Expert Training

Our goal is to help highly educated job-seekers with already some applicable experience to find their new career path in the cooperating companies.

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Become an employer partner! You’ll be the first to spot future healthcare experts and to recruit them into your team.

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