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We help healthcare organizations grow their own expertise and develop and commercialize products with both individual and societal significance.

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Kasve is committed to embracing new technologies and modern methods to operate more efficiently. This will ensure that your product is brought to market as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

From idea to market

We offer a unique combination of in-depth understanding of regulations and quality management in our industry, combined with solid expertise in business development.


Business Development
Kasve is an expert in healthcare business development. We offer you comprehensive services for the commercialization of innovations, business financing as well as strategic development of the company.
Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs
Kasve helps companies meet regulatory and standard requirements with business priorities and organization size in mind. We help organizations prepare the required quality and risk management documentation and compile the technical documentation.
Software Life Cycle Management
Kasve provides a wide range of services to medical software manufacturers to support product development and regulatory management. We help ensure that the project proceeds in a planned and timely manner and that the documentation required by regulations is carefully compiled.


TopExpert Recruitment Trainings
Top Expert Recruitment Training connects a recruiting organization with a future top talent interested in expert positions in the health industry.
Trainings for Quality Professionals
Kasve is a highly experienced health technology expert organization. We produce several different training packages to serve the needs of healthcare companies and quality personnel.

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We help healthtech companies succeed in the international market. Leverage our expertise and our comprehensive network!

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