Interpersonal Skills Training for Auditors

This supplementary training for auditors provides information and understanding of how people act in interactive situations.


Participants can also utilise this training as part of the compulsory supplementary training for auditors, which is a requirement for most quality management standards.

Successful auditing

Auditing is often a highly charged situation: the auditor must be able to investigate all relevant aspects within a limited time frame. Meanwhile, the auditor may be perceived as a threat at the auditing site, and employees may have been instructed to say as little as possible, or perhaps to say nothing, during the audit. What can you do as an auditor to ensure that the auditing site perceives the situation as safe and easy and is open to collaborating as a result?

Effective interaction

This supplementary training for auditors provides information and understanding of how people act in interactive situations and how you can contribute to building a constructive emotional atmosphere through your actions. The training is suitable for both those carrying out internal and external audits as well as anyone whose success at work depends on interpersonal skills to some extent (e.g. managers, salespeople and employees in charge of subcontractor relations and projects).

Training content and themes

  • Auditor’s role, attitude and characteristics
  • Quality of interactions and their role in auditing situations
  • Psychological safety as the basis of interactions
  • Identifying emotions and managing the emotional atmosphere
  • Dialogue and interactions within an auditing group

Training Provider:

The training is provided by Hanna Kumpulainen (PhD), a quality specialist and interpersonal skills educator at Kasve Oy. Hanna has years of experience in developing management and quality assurance systems, performing audits and managing outsourced development projects. Hanna has been both subject to auditing in her role as a quality manager and worked as an auditor in dozens of audits performed in different organisations. Hanna has studied interaction skills and provides training on developing interpersonal skills for various organisations and private individuals.

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