Are you a future HealthTech Top Expert?

Application criteria for Recruitment Training

Applicants must be unemployed or at risk of losing their jobs. If necessary, contact the TE services to find out whether you fullfil the application criteria. Applicants must have a higher education degree (from a university of applied sciences or a university) or a sufficient amount of other work experience from a field such as:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Software development
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Research and laboratory services
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Bioscience and environment
  • Food and nutrition

The application process and recruitment of training participants for the HealthTech Top Expert Recruitment Training is carried out in cooperation with the North Savo TE services and ELY centre.

The purpose of this training is to find job applicants that suit the expert profile and have a higher education degree, and to train them as top experts in companies and organisations in the health and wellness industry. The partner companies for this training are primarily located in the North Savo region.

The training has already been carried out seven times by now: 87 % of those who completed the training are currently employed (most of them in the organisation where they completed their internship)!

Training content


The training includes an on-the-job training (internship; 80 workdays) in a partner organisation, one-on-one coaching (8 x 1 h) and needs-oriented training related to special competence in the industry (8 days) related to the following areas:

  1. International business competence: identifying markets, market entrance, international trade, identifying and selecting distributor networks, earnings logic and pricing, contracting issues.
  2. Quality management competence as part of business development: quality management and regulations, quality assurance systems, risk management, business strategy, identifying competitive advantage, business development and innovation activities
  3. Product development competence, project competence: designing and implementing business-oriented development entities (e.g. product development project, commercialisation project, internal development project), resourcing, funding opportunities


Employer partners and task descriptions

Biopank of Eastern Finland is looking for a Laboratory Specialist for various laboratory work and development tasks. Your responsibilities include processing biological samples, DNA isolation, and histological work. It is possible to modify your work tasks to the chosen skills and interests. We require former academic studies from the laboratory field, a brisk attitude and motivation to learn new things. In addition, we consider the previous knowledge of laboratory work tasks to be an advantage, but above all the “can do” -attitude.

ESiOR Ltd is looking for a Information Security Expert to develop the company’s security and cloud services. Our goal is to implement a quality management system. The minimum requirement is that you have academic degree in the IT, engineering, or other fields that provides an understanding of the systematic development of a data environment or cybersecurity. Work experience related to information security is considered an advantage. Experience in quality management systems, data protection or the development of cloud services is useful. We hope you have good interaction and communication skills, but you are also capable of self-direction. Above all, however, we are looking for our team to complement a good guy with diverse skills and, in addition to development potential, a desire to take on new challenges. Our staff has a wide range of expertise and our company carries out diverse projects, so there are plenty of opportunities for a security expert to learn and develop.

Medikro Ltd is looking for a Product and / or Quality Specialist for the company’s product team. Do you have knowledge, experience in quality systems and / or understanding of product development project management in the health technology industry? In your future assignments, you will be fluent in the interface of product management, product development, and quality, participating in product definition, documentation, and software testing. Success in the position requires a technical training background, good English language skills, and previous evidence of project management. We value process orientation, a curious attitude and the ability to work as part of an interdisciplinary development team. Remote work is possible in this position.

Medikro Ltd is looking for a Business and / or Communication Specialist for business development projects and co-ordination of communication entities. In your future assignments, you will participate in the development of the company’s external and internal processes and implement the company’s customer and marketing communications. The applicant is required to be development-oriented, have an academic background suitable for the job description and good language skills (Finnish, English). Diverse previous work experience in business development tasks, customer relationship management and marketing are considered an advantage for the applicant. Remote work is possible in this position.

Myontec Ltd is looking for a Software Expert whose tasks include software development and design, testing and implementation work in accordance with the needs of the company and customers. Success in the position requires an academic degree in a suitable field, experience in project work, experience in integration technologies and implementation methods, the ability to act on one’s own initiative within the set goals, and good language skills (Finnish and English). In software design tasks, your work can focus on database and cloud solutions (the technologies we use are NoSQL and cloud services AWS) and there is no harm in AI technology knowledge either. The most important languages ​​for other software expertise are C, C ++, C # and for mobile platforms either Android, iOS or Xamarin. It is advantage if you to have knowledge, experience or hobbies related to the field of well-being or sports.

Nursie Health Ltd is looking for a Quality Management Expert to own the ISO13485 quality management, to maintain and manage the quality system. Do you have a university degree in a technical or natural science field? Do you have good organizing skills and fluent english? Success in the position requires the ability to adapt to the ever changing situations in the start-up world. Previous experience of regulatory requirements and standards related to medical devices are considered as advantages.

Nursie Health Ltd is looking for a Senior Software Developer for medical device software development. In your role, you are responsible for mobile app and backend development. Applicants are expected to have good problem solving skills, at least a university-level scientific or technical education and good English language skills. Previous experience of medical device software development, agile development methods and tools, modern cloud platforms and JavaScript (NodeJS, React, ReactNative) are considered as advantages.

Siltana Oy is looking for Software Expert, a full-stack provider, who masters both modern development methods and languages. In your role, you will be responsible for the front- and back-ends of Siltana’s ‘Dashboard’, as well as the design and initial development of the online service environment. You are used to working with large data flows, and you have a high level of control over both interfaces and databases. You know how to choose the right technology for your product needs and naturally coordinate with other responsibility developers. If you show your skills, your role will develop into a leadership role as the team strengthens. You will be selected when you know how to pitch your professional skills and suggestions to us during the job interview process.

Vireum Ltd is looking for a Solution Expert for consulting and product development tasks for customers. In your role, you are responsible for the design, requirements definition, scheduling and export of customer solutions related to digitalization, machine vision and artificial intelligence. In the background, you will be supported by skilled artificial intelligence and machine vision experts as well as an international software (application) development team. In addition, you are responsible for leading the product development project and contributing to its successful implementation. The applicant is expected to have experience in customer interface, software production, organizational skills and good English language skills.

Charles River DRS Finland Ltd is looking for a Project Manager.Your responsibilities include taking care of key customer relationships and coordinating customer projects. We want you to have a suitable educational background in the natural sciences or commercial field, project skills and previous similar tasks, or suitable experience in the pharmaceutical industry, for example. We require excellent language skills (English). Any kind of experience in the neurosciences is considered an advantage for the applicant.

Charles River DRS Finland Ltd is looking for a Team Leader for facility operations. In your role, you will act directly as a supervisor for the Facility Operations staff (cleaning, equipment maintenance, upkeep) and will be responsible for developing the team’s operations. Among other things, you participate in the scheduling and prioritization of maintenance tasks, and you act as a link between facility operations and research services. You report your team’s activities to operational management. In addition, you will be responsible for identifying investment needs and equipment upgrades in your role, as well as participating in other possible expansion, development and investment projects. The applicant is expected to have a technical academic background and preferably experience in the maintenance and development of the premises. Success in this position requires the ability and previous experience to act in a supervisory role. The task can be partially performed remotely, but knowledge of the operating environment is essential and daily person / group guidance is seen as important.

Application period has ended!


The application process (16.3-7.4.2021) for training has two steps (both are required):

  1. Fill the electronic application form: -> Oma asiointi -> Työvoimakoulutukset

More information on the TE services website (in Finnish):

Please don’t hesitate to contact TE services if you need assistance with application form (in Finnish).

  1. Send application letter and CV: to Add “HealthTech Top Expert Kuopio” to the subject field. Please write either an open application or targeted application to the selected position or positions. Describe also your currents situation, as well as your capabilities and development needs: Why You are the future HealthTech Top Expert?

Application period & schedule for interviews:

  • Application period starts: 16.3.2021
  • recruitment event: (Wednesday 31.3, 11.00-11.30 am.)
  • Application period ends: 7.4.2021 at 11.59 pm
  • Invitation to the pre-interview for the selected applicants will be sent on: week 15
  • Pre-interview dates: week 15
  • Invitation to the job interview for selected applicants: week 16
  • Job interviews: week 17
  • Approval & confirmation for selected applicants by: 3.5.2021
  • Training: 17.5-6.9.2021
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