Elias Haapakorva

Executive Chairman (-10/2023); Head of QARA, Medical Devices

Elias is the main owner and Executive Chairman of Kasve. He is a molecular biologist with extensive international networks and vast experience in health sector, especially medical device, business development projects, key regulations, and commercialization of innovations. He is also well versed in the subcontracting field of the industry, having experience on both sides of the table, as a buyer as well as a service provider.

Elias’ strengths are:

  • Regulations related to medical devices
  • Innovation commercialization processes and different business models
  • Project preparation and financing
  • Supplier network management
  • Strategy development
  • Board work

On a spare time, Elias goes out for nature, plays ice hockey or just relaxes at home reading and listening to good music, which is, of course rock’n’roll.

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