With the help of Kasve, we developed a marketable medical device in a year

Kasve has been a comprehensive partner for our startup company. Together with Kasve, we built a quality management system for our mobile application, which is a medical device. At the same time, we have jointly developed the device’s software and sparred with our service strategy and the commercialization of the device. An external partner has helped to achieve the goals on schedule.

We were at the forefront of combining application development and building a quality management system

We saw that the utilization of mobile technology in nursing work will increase, and the focus of nursing work will largely be on self-care. Against this view, we wanted to bring people a tool for self-care at home. Our mobile application focuses on comprehensive self-care, and we aim at the global market.

There is competition on the mobile app side, and we see it as a strong competitive advantage that our app has the CE mark. Our choice is based on both our strategy and our values: it combines with our idea of high-quality self-care and is a guarantee of a certain quality.

We had a great opportunity to start coding the application and building the quality management system in parallel. Thanks to this, we were able to move the regulatory process well forward. Our challenge was that we had no previous experience in quality management, so our expertise has also been built from the beginning, and our software developers have increased their understanding of how quality management is related to software development and e.g. to create an application architecture.


Kasve has been a big help in supporting internationalization

Kasve has been a big help in terms of our future and internationalization. Brainstorming and clarifying ideas has helped to develop the business on a more general level, and outsourcing has helped us to move forward on schedule in terms of application development and quality control. In addition, Mikko sparred brilliantly with us in the development of the service strategy, and we also received good tips and contacts to promote sales. The recruitment training carried out by Kasve, on the other hand, brought us more know-how, and we are now starting to participate in similar training again.

From our point of view, the most important thing has been the support of an expert from the beginning of the regulatory process and the fact that we have been able to build the quality management system in a year. The right tools, such as Jira and Confluence, have been helpful and enabled good operations. Our application will soon be ready for pilot use, and we will enter the market with our own announcement. After this, we continue to finalize the product towards the requirements of the MDR.

Close cooperation has been smooth

Working together with Kasve’s experts has been rewarding and has brought efficiency to work. Nina has been a great support for us in setting up the quality management system. Accordingly, Ville played a big role in modifying the entire project to our liking and suitable for us. Ville acted as our outsourced software development project manager in the early stages and helped build operating environments and manage and maintain them until our own CTO started.

Kasve has been the project leader in setting up the quality management system, which has been a huge help to us. Also, the fact that we managed to graduate in a tight schedule shows that the know-how is available. I am also extremely proud of our own team and the fact that together with the right partners we were able to take the project to the finish line.

The support provided by Kasve has been impressive

Kasve has met our needs really well, and the company’s expertise is high. The best thing is that Kasve reacts quickly to our need for help, and support is available at a low threshold in any situation. We have been able to solve the challenges quickly, and the necessary measures have been taken during the process.

The knowledge of Kasve was a big asset in choosing the operator, especially since we started the project without previous experience. In the beginning, we were able to meet face-to-face, but remote work has also been good.

I would recommend Kasve’s services, especially now that we are coming under the new medical device regulation and the level of requirements is increasing. I can see that expert help is useful for veterans as well as newcomers to the field. Similarly, QAiRA is a valuable tool when companies set out to meet new requirements.

Nursie Health Oy

Nursie Health Oy is a health technology company that enables high-quality and good care in everyday life. Nursie Health combines practical nursing, digitalization and self-care in its services. The company’s goal is to help people with holistic care worldwide. Check out the company and the app: https://www.nursiehealth.com/en/home/