Growth requires a quality management system

We have done a preliminary study with Kasve for the quality management system of the clinical laboratory, and we are now building the quality management system ourselves. The system and the certification applied with it improves our international competitiveness.

We are improving our position in the international market

Our goal is to obtain an ISO 15189 certificate for our clinical laboratory, so that we can demonstrate to our customers that we operate in accordance with the requirements of the standard, e.g., in terms of quality control, reproducibility and documentation.

An internationally recognized quality management system is essential for customer acquisition, and our goal is to expand our customer base. We could also continue our operations at the current level, but that would pose challenges for growth. Especially in the US and Asian markets, growth requires a quality management system.

At the same time, the quality management system enables the development of things that will promote our business in the future as well: it helps in the development of operations and makes our operations more organized.

Partner is sparring to stay on schedule

Internally, the completion of the project will be reflected in better documentation and predictability, which improves the repeatability and uniformity of the work. The fact that we can manage the work better can be seen in the direction of the customers, for example, in the analysis times of the samples and in more detailed assessments of the progress of the work.

The project has gone according to schedule. A weekly review and, if necessary, consultation with Kasve helps to carry out the project sensibly: we are constantly moving forward and doing the right things. We get support and material from Kasve, but we also play a big role in promoting the work.

The industry experience of Kasve convinced us

We wanted an external partner to support us, on the one hand, because our expertise is not enough to set up a quality management system with all its steps – and on the other hand, neither are our resources. An alternative to consulting cooperation would have been to hire our own staff, but we saw that as a more uncertain and expensive way. In our opinion, consulting was a faster and more reliable solution, as the consultants have previous experience in similar projects.

Kasve showed that it had successfully completed projects of a similar type. Our choice was influenced by Kasve’s industry experience and the fact that Kasve’s experts were able to tell us more about what kind of projects they have done in the past. Being domestic also had an effect, as the quality management system being implemented now concerns a DNA laboratory located in Finland.

Based on my experience, I can recommend Kasve’s services to others. The people we have collaborated with have been knowledgeable, and we have received answers to all questions – even when the answer had to be clarified separately.

Nordic Group

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