A comprehensive partner for the establishment phase

Kasve has been our companion during the preparation and establishment phase of Neurocenter Finland. Kasve participated in the planning of our core operations from the beginning: together we drew up a strategy and a plan, which played a significant role in the creation of a preliminary agreement on the establishment of the Neurocenter Finland together with 12 member organizations.

We got the establishment project up and running quickly

The establishment of Neuroceter Finland responds to the identified need to develop the treatment of brain diseases and supports the national health strategy. We received two years of preparatory funding from three government ministries to create an operational and organizational model, and we knew that it was a unique opportunity.

We wanted a partner with experience in project initiation and management to support the establishment phase. Outsourcing was also driven by practical reasons: our small team did not have enough resources or experience in similar projects.

We started the cooperation by going over how to promote a project of this size. Kasve supported us in project management, helped to contact stakeholders and conducted benchmark interviews with the entities that had been preparing the corresponding competence centers. We received very practical support from Kasve for basic issues, and at the same time strong business and facilitation skills to promote strategy work.

Regarding the strategy work and the plan, we got together every other week. We considered continuous working together to be a good operating model: Kasve interviewed us and took the work forward between meetings.

Kasve helped us to understand the needs of stakeholders

Our first goal was to find out the needs of various stakeholders such as ministries and member organizations as well as companies and which bottlenecks prevent better research or the birth of new innovations and companies. This may not always be clear to the operators themselves. Kasve has been creditably involved in this detective work and has been able to identify with the problems that, for example, neuroscientists have.

Mapping the needs and the synthesis created from them laid the foundation for our operating model and the development of our services. In the future, we will mirror our operations against these needs and have a continuous dialogue with the management team and our stakeholders about what we are expected to do.

Our success can be evaluated by our customers. We are satisfied that we were able to complete the challenging project and conclude the founding agreement. During the preparation phase, we piloted certain solutions, and now we are in a good position to start implementing them with permanent staff and established operator status.

We received customized expertise that met our needs

The choice of Kasve was influenced by the company’s good reputation and strong networks. We saw that the project had to be started quickly and good recruitment had been done, which can be done effectively with an experienced partner. Kasve received the best points in the procurement process, and the company’s competence profile has been suitable for our project: Kasve understands the academic operating environment and neuroscience, so a common language has been easily found.

Cooperation with Kasve has been effortless and immediate. Kasve has helped us in the short notice when we have needed help and has been a reliable partner. We have seen the simplicity of cooperation as a clear advantage, and Kasve’s flexibility and agility are important factors that make us satisfied with our choice.

We would recommend Kasvet above all to operators who need a reliable and networked operator who can adapt to the assignment and if the project involves skills development. Kasve has versatile expertise in both research and business planning, development, and marketing.

Neurocenter Finland

Neurocenter Finland is a new and fresh actor, which consists of Finnish neuroscience experts and develops neuroscience forward among different interest groups. The background of our operation is a cooperation network formed by 7 universities and 5 hospital districts. Operational activities are divided into six regional Brain & Mind neurocenter networks (Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Oulu, Tampere, and Turku) and the national coordination unit, which is part of the University of Eastern Finland. Our stakeholders include pharmaceutical and health technology companies, national biobanks and several other companies connected to the industry. Neurocenter Finland promotes innovation and business, and researcher collaboration projects and maintains databases, e.g. of researchers in the field and organizes various events with the aim of developing domestic expertise in neuroscience and passing it on internationally as well. The center is open to new cooperation proposals and eagerly takes on new challenges. Read more about Neurocenter Finland: https://neurocenterfinland.fi/en/