Riitta Vartiainen

Senior Advisor

Riitta Vartiainen is currently one of our Senior Advisors and her versatile know-how and experience supports well Kasve’s team and its key activities. Riitta is also Kasve’s co-owner.

Riitta is an experienced Board professional, and Mentor: board membership experience since 2011 in several Finnish start-up companies (health technology/medical devices, drug development, expert services). Riitta was a Kasve Board member during 2013-2020, and also a Chairman of the Board during 2015-2018.

Riitta Vartiainen has more than 30 years’ pharma industry experience (including a long career at Orion Corporation) and also several years’ experience in health technology and medical devices. Riitta Vartiainen was a Member of Orion Corporation Executive Management Board during 2006-2010. Her position was Senior Vice President / Business development and Support (Global business development incl. licensing arrangements and alliance management, Mergers & acquisitions, Business Intelligence, Health Economics, Medical affairs, Project Management).

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