Additional drive to develop the startup business

Kasve has consulted us in the development of a research-based startup business and i.a. in compiling sales and investor material. We are now working together to build our strategy and licensing business model. The cooperation supports the commercialization and internationalization of our innovation.

Comprehensive support for commercialization

Probitat is a research-driven startup that helps food companies take advantage of fermentation to produce tasty and good quality products. Probitat’s business idea coincides with many prevailing trends, and our goal is to become international. I believe that companies share our view that scientific evidence will be increasingly important for food products in the future.

My own expertise lays strongly in research and technical development, and in the initial stages our small team lacked the necessary business expertise. The use of an external consultant was influenced by the size of our team: we only recruit real multi-talents, and we get outside help when we need specific expertise. I see consulting services as an excellent help in business development, and we have utilized the expertise of Mikko and Kasve in many ways from the very beginning.

Kasve has supported us for example in identifying customer needs, in applying for financing and in compiling sales and investor material. We are currently building our strategy with Kasve in ​​the Innovation Voucher project supported by Business Finland. Mikko has helped our young company to establish contacts and acquire the first pilot customers.

Kasve knows the growth pains of a startup

It’s been awesome to work with people who share the feelings of a growth entrepreneur. Mikko and Tero have shown their commitment to us and to solving our problems. I am a scientist, and business thinking is new to me. Everything I have learned, I have learned from Kasve.

I think our collaboration has been amazingly great and compassionate. Especially in the beginning, the most significant was the support I received from Mikko and Kasve. I was able to trust that there is someone to turn to with any challenge. Kasve has provided comprehensive, business-oriented support and clarified issues for which no direct answer has been found.

Kasve is a reliable and committed partner

Kasve has been a flexible and customer-oriented partner that has responded well to our needs. In my experience, Kasve differs from other providers of consulting services: Kasve experts feel like they are genuinely part of our team, and they are very committed on helping us.

Based on my experience, I would recommend Kasve especially to a startup like us who needs comprehensive support to develop their business.

Probitat Oy

Probitat Oy develops innovations based on the fermentation method, which enables it to produce good-tasting and healthy plant-based products for its customer companies. Probitat has also developed its own products, such as the Mozumo-smoothie, which was awarded in Suomalainen Menestysresepti (the Finnish Success Recipe) competition and was sold in S Group stores, until the company decided to focus on developing its technology for other companies. Get to know the company: