Kuopio Region Goes Virtual: a new virtual way to get business partners from around the world

October 12, 2022

Kuopio Region goes Virtual program’s info and networking event gathered companies interested in exporting to Kasve´s office in 11.10.2022 to hear what is this new virtual matchmaking to network business partners from across the world. The project is coordinated by Business Kuopio. CEO Mikko Juuti from Kasve and Advisor Juha Palve (the service provider of the project) kicked off the event by telling information on the potential of exporting abroad and the project´s target regions Germany, the United Kingdom and the Nordics. During October companies interested in the project are being interviewed about what countries are they interested in and what kind of products and/or services do they want to export. The project team take the lead from that, and find a suitable business partner abroad and arrange a meeting. That is where the Finnish company gets a nice springboard to the worldwide affairs.

During the same event we also participated an info event Towards Germany that was organized by ELY Center and Team Finland and held by a German-Finnish chamber of commerce. CEO Jan Feller told that they offer in the market-enter services. The German state of economy and consumer confidence is great in Germany. Products and services usually have large demand in German market demand. Feller reminded the audience that Germany is behind on the digitalization compared Nordic countries. “Where we here in the Nordic countries have cool new technologies and e-forms, the Germans still use fax”, Jan said. He also asked for patience, as for they are a lot more organized and official with appointments and phone calls. Arto Ant-Wuorinen, marketing director of Plastex got a turn to speak too. “Think about what do you want to sell, what is the demand and what kind of transportation does your exports require. Remember to arrange negotiations thoroughly and on time”, Arto tipped.

If you want to join the Kuopio Region Goes Virtual service, contact Kasve CEO Mikko Juuti.

Text and picture: Milla Matilainen, Work practice program trainee

Mikko Juuti

CEO (-10/2023); Sales