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“Job search training with using an interview” offers readiness to identify skills and get employed.

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The “Job search training with using an interview” supports you in expressing and marketing your own expertise and additionally helps you to prepare for job-search and interviews.

Training consists of three parts:

  • Strength discussion
  • Interviews with personnel service companies
  • Closing discussion and a follow-up plan


You get personal coaching and valuable feedback throughout the individual training. Training can be started flexibly on a nonstop basis and is implemented as intensive training during 5 workdays (total duration 3-5h). Training is carried out as individual coaching.

Training content


The course of the training


  1. Strength discussion (Trainee & Kasve) approx. 1h
  2. 2-3 interviews with personnel service companies (Trainee & HR company) approx. 2-3h
  3. Closing discussion and a follow-up plan (Trainee & Kasve) approx. 1h


General information about the training

The service consists of a competence and strength discussion with a coach. Discussions utilize e.g. digital learning platform and other skill mapping methods. After the initial interview, the trainee chooses 2-3 interesting cooperation companies in the personnel service industry for the job interview. After the job interviews, a closing discussion is held, from which the trainee receives oral and written feedback for the future. During the training, personal guidance and valuable feedback are offered to support the job search.

The training can be started flexibly on a non-stop basis (contact within 10 business days) and the training itself is carried out as intensive training (during 5 work days, duration 3-5 h). Training is carried out as individual coaching. On basis the training is implemented remotely (via video). If necessary, you can also ask about the possibilities of on site training!

The aim of the training is to support the development of trainees individually, based on needs, and by highlighting the skills related to the industry. The individual is supported with guided and personalized methods. Training is a solution-oriented, encouraging service that supports the trainee’s active agency. The training and possible additional guidance include e.g. client-oriented, planned and implemented advice, guidance and other mutually agreed forms of support and services.

Goal and benefits of the training

The aim is to:

  • help the trainee in identifying their own skills, strengths and resources
  • develop interview skills, describing one’s own expertise and marketing
  • support the trainee to find employment


The primary goal is that after the training, the skills of describing and marketing the trainee’s own competence have developed. In addition, the aim is to find employment through a personnel service company according to the trainee’s wishes and motivation. Training also promotes job search and career development readiness by increasing networking skills, promoting working life contacts, and, if necessary, supporting other skills needed in working life.

Who is the training intended for?

Customers who need individual support in applying for a job and clarifying their skills. Customers must have their job search documents in order before being directed to the service. Customers who are ready to find employment through a personnel service company. Customers of the local government pilots on employment in the Northern Savonia region and TE services.

How to join the training?

Register on the Event Calendar by Pohjois-Savo TE-services or leave a contact request on your own pages at JobMarket Finland. We will contact you in 10 working days when we receive the information. See You soon!

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