Photonics Top Expert cooperating company: Chipmetrics

Chipmetrics is a forerunner in productizing test structures, test chips and wafer concepts for advanced materials and microelectronics manufacturing.

Internship and job descriptions

Chipmetrics is a multi-site organization where people mainly work remotely and independently. We value the applicant’s motivation to develop his/her own skills, interest in our products and a customer-centric attitude and experience of working life.

Chipmetrics Oy is looking for a:

Product Manager with knowledge of technical product documentation, supply chain and quality management and / or logistics. Success in the position requires a technical training background, good English language skills, both written and spoken, rapid learning ability and diligence.

Marketing Manager with knowledge of content production, online marketing channels, Google tools, Adobe Creative Cloud tools and expertise in visualizing and creating graphics. You are a capable writer and communicator in English. Your education and experience background is in marketing, sales, business development and/ or technology. Success in the position requires an understanding of microelectronics technologies or at least a rapid learning ability.

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